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im a games and anime geek... what else is there to life... love is the only other part to life... teehee... :)

Inotia 3: Children Of Carnia Review iPhone

Inotia 3: Children Of Carnia  Platform: iPhone Publisher: Com2us Developer: Com2us Genre: RPG Release Date: January 6th, 2010 Price Buy NOW: $1.19 THE WILDS HAVE COME TO A STILL AS DARKNESS APPROACHES Com2uS have once again awarded us with yet another fine RPG game. Inotia 3 : Children of Carnia encompasses the RPG realm with greatness and finesse. The series has been exciting people ever since it...

Diablo 3 – A Step into Sanctuary

An Awesome addition to the well anticipated series we all know and love will be among us all too soon. Diablo 3 is not only known by the fans that love the volumes that have hit the market over the years, but also by your average person. The highly awaited third addition to this series includes original characters aswell as a few new ones just for flavour. The good old Barbarian is back for more a...

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