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Diablo 3 – A Step into Sanctuary

An Awesome addition to the well anticipated series we all know and love will be among us all too soon. Diablo 3 is not only known by the fans that love the volumes that have hit the market over the years, but also by your average person. The highly awaited third addition to this series includes original characters aswell as a few new ones just for flavour.

The good old Barbarian is back for more action, as well as the Wizard taking the place of the Sorceress. For extra measure, blizzard has delightedly given the player some delicious new characters to fight the dark evil denizens of Sanctuary, which include the Witch Doctor, the Monk as well as the dark and foreboding Demon Hunter. Most classes can be customised for either male or female play except for the Demon Hunter class which is only female for now (Blizzard might add a male component in the future).

Many of the good old Beasties that you all know and love will be returning in this chapter of diablo for your hack and slashing pleasure. The Fallen Ones, the Unburied, the Scavenger and many more creepy crawlies will be roaming the country side, dank dungeons and dark sewer smelling alley ways. Be careful or you might find yourself in an early grave.

There are many areas to diablo 3, a lot of the old areas like Tristram will be available for play as well as many new areas never before seen such as the Borderlands and Caldeum. Dekard Cain is once again your light at the end of the tunnel that leads you along your journey.

There is a new Health system that blizzard has implemented into Diablo 3. The good old vials of potions, scrolls and skills are not what they used to be. Blizzard has given the player an alternative to the various means of healing in the game, they have given the player the ability to collect ‘Health Orbs’ from the creature that they dispose of. Depending on the level of the enemy that is killed the character will be able to pick up an orb of varied size, being from small to large.

Diablo 3 offers a new Crafting aspect very much upgraded from the previous games. You will meet and get friendly with a range of artisans that specialise in different types of crafting. The blacksmith can craft and modify weapons and armour adding sockets to items, allowing for those items to be enhanced. The Mystic can create and mould a wide variety of scrolls, potions, runes and many charms, with the  option to break down undesirable runes for a shot at the right one you want for your gear. The Jeweller can remove and re-socket gems from any socket in your gear, allowing you to reuse gems over and over again, and can also combine gems to produce the higher quality gems you desire.

To top things off blizzard has introduced a beefed up version of online play for PvP. For those out there you can play against other players in an arena type area to battle and test your skills and ability to survive the wastelands of Sanctuary. Do you have what it takes to survive..?!

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