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This Month in Red Dead Online: Bonuses on Races, A Land of Opportunity Missions, and More

Riders are Rewarded with 4X RDO$, XP, and Additional BonusesPlus, 2X Gold, RDO$, and XP on A Land of Opportunities, and More

There’s no truer bond than the one between an outlaw and their horse. Races are a top-notch way to strengthen your equestrian skills, turn a nice profit, and climb the ranks with 4X RDO$ and XP bonuses for participating through July 1.

Reach a full gallop and place Top 3 in any Race to receive the following rewards throughout the month:

  • June 4 – 10: Black Plaid Cap
  • June 11 – 17: An Offer for 40% off a Stable Slot
  • June 18 – 24: Red Salter Shoes
  • June 25 – July 1: Offer for 50% off a Vest

2X Gold, RDO$, and XP on A Land of Opportunities

Assist Jessica LeClerk and Horley in A Land of Opportunities as they seek vengeance against the men who dispatched Mrs. LeClerk’s husband. These multi-part, story-based cooperative missions for two to four players can vary depending on your choices, and are awarding 2X Gold, RDO$, and XP through July 1.

2X RDO$ and XP on Call to Arms

Team up with your allies or go it alone to protect various locales against waves of incoming enemies in Call to Arms. Fight for your life and earn 2X RDO$ and XP for your valiant efforts through July 1.

Pad your arsenal with Rifle discounts and Purchase a Weapon Modification to receive 50 Split Point Revolver Ammo and 50 Split Point Pistol Ammo, all through July 1.

Visit your Lockbox, your nearest Post Office, or open the Telegram in your Satchel to get involved.

Additional Rewards

Log in to play Red Dead Online any time before July 1 to receive Oregano Mutton, a Hawkmoth Bola, and 2 Potent Snake Oils. Plus, Craft a Trinket in Gus’ Shop to receive the North Clingman Treasure Map.  Additionally, Rank up 5 times this month to receive the brown Cardozo Vest.

2X RDO$ and XP on Featured Series

Pick up the pace in a breakneck Featured Series where Races are lively, Showdowns and Eliminations are Hardcore, and rewards — both RDO$ and XP — are doubled through July 1:

  • June 4 – 10: Race Series
  • June 11 – 17: Hardcore Showdown Series
  • June 18 – 24: Target Races and Plunder
  • June 25 – July 1: Hardcore Elimination Series

Free Community-Inspired Outfit

Rustle in the shadows with this dark, muted outfit expertly compiled by CallsignUnholyBandit on the /r/reddeadfashion subreddit.

Claim the pieces below for free from participating Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue through July 1:

The Manteca Hat, Porter Jacket, Morning Tail Coat, and Morales Vest are also back on sale for a limited time — only until July 1.


  • All Role Outfits – 30% off
  • American Paint Horses – 40% off
  • Ardennes Horses – 40% off
  • Carcano Rifle – 40% off
  • Springfield Rifle – 40% off
  • Rifle Style Customizations and Rifle Ammo – 30% off
  • Dentistry – 50% off
  • Coats, Pants, and Dresses – 30% off