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Strike With Synergy in Party-Based Soulslike Deathbound

The brand playable demo and  new overview trailer reveals more about the brutal world of Akratya during Summer Games Fest

June 6th, 2024 – Prepare to embrace the fallen in Deathbound, a thrilling single-player party-based soulslike from Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio. Bear witness to the horrors of Akratya with the brand new overview trailer debuting during the Guerilla Collective Showcase and Latin American Games Showcase. Brave heroes can celebrate Summer Game Fest by diving into the thrilling new demo now available on Steam! And for those attending Play Days, seize the chance to confront the Church of Death firsthand with a demo at the Samsung booth.

Forge with your path through the unforgiving world of Deathbound. Embrace the innovative 4-hero soulslike party system and bind with fallen warriors found throughout the world and dynamically morph between each character seamlessly mid-combat. No matter the creed, the fallen must fight as one. Execute devastating Morphstrike with the combined power of the party and turn the tides of battle.

Find and absorb the essence of seven fallen warriors granting you access to new fighting styles and a glimpse into their past. From spell slingers, brutal maulers, skillful swordsmen and a graceful capoeira fighter, the options to experiment during battle are nearly endless. In a world where science and faith are at odds, the beliefs of your party members will directly influence meaningful combat effects. Synergize within your party to create an unstoppable force against the formidable foes ahead.

Key Features:

  • The Essence – Gain the skills, memories and identities of fallen warriors throughout the world. Combine their unique personalities and combat styles and switch between them seamlessly.
  • Party System – The essences you absorb form your party. Deathbound features a robust party system that allows you to craft a playstyle through talent trees. Switch between fallen warriors to harness their skills and abilities. Each party member’s affiliation in life will affect their synergy in death.
  • Dynamic Morphing – Unleash the combined powers of fallen warriors with devastating Morphstrikes. Utilize different attack styles to pull off powerful combinations and finishing blows to defeat all who oppose you.
  • Brutal World – Ziêminal is a world that mixes a technological past and a medieval present, home to diverse cultures. The city of Akratya is rich in lore and dangers. Explore a city falling into ruin under the shadow of a grand crusade. With its imposing brutalist architecture and melding of technology, it’s a city bound for oblivion.  
  • Unforgiving Monsters and Bosses – Face challenging enemies crafted to push you to your limits. Their very nature is based on the five stages of grief, with each new encounter commanding the attention of any soul who dares face them.

Deathbound launches simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year. Those prepared to strike with synergy can experience the new demo available now on Steam and at the Samsung Booth during Summer Game Fest’s Play Days event.

About Trialforge Studio

Trialforge Studio is a Brazilian-based game development studio guided by challenge and quality. Focused on delivering a unique and memorable game experience that moves players, inspiring growth and transformation.

About Tate Multimedia

Tate Multimedia is a Poland-based independent developer and game publisher. Creator of the legendary Kao the Kangaroo, well-known Urban Trial Series, and award-winning Steel Rats.