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Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate Brings a Galaxy of Co-Op Action to Steam Next Fest

Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate, a director’s cut of the sci-fi action roguelike from developer Moving Pieces Interactive, gears up for the ribbit-ing war against alien enemies with a new demo for Steam Next Fest.

Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate brings the battle to PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam with new classes, new (and more!) enemies, and meta and performance improvements later this year. Would you like to consider Shoulders of Giants: Ultimate for any “best of Steam Next Fest” roundup coverage?

Embark on a quest to save the galaxy as the sharpshooting Froggie and samurai sword-wielding mech GERM. Discover randomized, roguelike planets threatened by the forces of Entropy. Restore light and life to the worlds across the galaxy.

Squad up in the new demo here!

Concurrently control Froggie’s ranged blasts and GERM’s melee slices, or team up with a friend and each take control of either character. Embark on exciting missions as a spacefaring squad of up to four with online co-op and slice through alien knights, snipers, dragons, and more together!

Earn shiny loot with every boss defeated and become the ultimate Entropy-busting machine with the perfect build. Mix and match more than 70 abilities and 17 weapons, like convincing decoys, grappling hooks, and glowing grenades to become gloriously overpowered as the saga progresses.

Shoulders of Giants’ new demo is now available on PC via Steam as a part of Steam Next Fest. To learn more about Shoulders of Giants, hop over to the official website, join teammates on the Discord server, and find Moving Pieces Interactive on social media.

About Moving Pieces Interactive

Moving Pieces Interactive is a small independent games studio based in Brooklyn, NY. They aim to create approachable games with stunning visuals and hidden depth. Entropy Survivors is their third title, following action roguelike Shoulders of Giants and retro platformer Dodo Peak.