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Produce Cinematic Masterpieces in Movie Studio Sim Blockbuster Inc. on PC Today

Start a movie studio, cast talented actors, and prepare to sweep awards season

Warsaw, Poland – 7 June, 2024 – Blockbuster Inc., the dazzling movie studio management sim from developer Super Sly Fox and publisher Ancient Forge, makes its big screen debut on PC via Steam today. 

Manage an up-and-coming movie studio in the bustling city of Los Ricos, where actors, directors, and other filmmakers dream of becoming A-list talent. Set working hours, purchase filming sets, manage the studio’s reputation, and rake in the big bucks with a record-breaking marketing campaign.

Embrace the art of filmmaking, and develop movies from the ground up. Choose enticing genres, hire talented actors and crew members, form budgets, and determine the ideal target audience. Produce the next thrilling action epic, gut-busting comedy, or tear-jerking romance to dominate the box office and win over audiences and critics worldwide.  

Nurture a new generation of superstars, carefully catering to their distinct talents. Select from a roster of readily available actors, or create them from scratch with their own traits and appearances. Studio managers beware, as working alongside too many A-listers brings its own set of challenges.

Sweep awards season by meticulously crafting each film, from choosing the cinematic camera angles to selecting striking costumes. Ensure the stars align to secure the perfect take while optimizing filming resources. Once the cameras stop rolling, oversee post-production to finalize the sound design, special effects, and scene layouts leading up to the film’s release. 

“The launch of Blockbuster Inc. brings all our childhood dreams of creating movies to life,” said Maksymilian Strzelecki, Co-Founder & Technical Director at Ancient Forge. “We hope budding filmmakers of all ages test their creativity by developing the next rising film studio.”

Blockbuster Inc. hits the big screen on PC via Steam today for $25.99 USD. Available languages at launch include English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, and French. Aspiring movie moguls can read the latest updates on the official Blockbuster Inc. Twitter/X, Facebook, and Instagram channels, and joining the Discord server

About Super Sly Fox

Super Sly Fox is a young and enthusiastic Greek game studio that proudly debuts with a simulator game like no other – “Blockbuster Inc.” Founded in 2021 studio of three, brings a fresh look to the well-known mechanics tailoring an experience like never before. Blockbuster Inc. highlights its commitment to advanced management and eye-catching stylistics, paying tribute to old-fashioned games. Follow their journey at https://blockbusterincgame.com.

About Ancient Forge

Ancient Forge is a game development and publishing company from Poland led by experienced game developers with a strong passion for mechanics-heavy games.

The whole team works fully remote, without a dedicated office. It is Ancient Forge’s belief that remote work is the optimal way to run a small game development company in this day and age. Scouting the best talent, the team is committed to building games in a small but highly skilled team, employing more than fifty incredible individuals, allowing for multiple projects to be simultaneously worked on.