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Kitsune Tails Premieres New Demo, Gameplay Trailer at OTK Games Expo

Even mythological beings need reliable messengers

The first public hands-on demo of Kitsune Tails, the platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology,  arrives ahead of Steam Next Fest, alongside a new gameplay trailer debuted at OTK Games Expo.

Developer Kitsune Games and publisher MidBoss™ brings their platformer with queer relationships to PC, Linux and Steam Deck in Q3 2024.

Watch the new trailer below

Play as Yuzu, a young half-fox/half-human messenger to the god Inari. Face difficult platforming challenges with a variety of game-changing power-ups. Adorn multiple costumes granting Yuzu new abilities used to traverse various worlds and dismantle legendary Japanese creatures.

Unfurl the ancient tellings of a tale revolving around human ideas of romance and love that come with the complicated relationships of mythological beings. Explore the intro world in the Steam Next Fest demo to see first-hand the fire of Yuzu’s determination to one day confront her former mentor turned antagonist and save her love interest from a sealed elemental prison.

Kitsune Tails launches later in 2024 on Steam for PC, Linux, and Steam Deck. Play the new demo today in celebration of June’s Steam Next Fest!  For more information, visit the Kitsune Tails website, and follow Kitsune Games, MidBoss, and #KitsuneTails on social media.

About Kitsune Games

Kitsune Games is an inclusive indie video game development studio led by Emma ‘Eniko’ Maassen and James Yarrow. Set apart by its queer founder, the studio strives to make the world a better place by offering quality entertainment with representation of people from all walks of life.

For more information, visit the Kitsune Games website or follow @KitsuneGamesCom on Twitter.

About MidBoss™

Based out of San Francisco (although not the Neo kind), MidBoss aims to make the world better, safer and more inclusive for marginalized people, especially those across the gender and sexuality spectrum, by creating cool experiences through games and other forms of media which diversify representation, as well as becoming a platform for queer content around the world.

MidBoss expanded on the world it created in 2064: Read Only Memories with a Read Only Memories comic series in late 2019. The studio is also responsible for the creation and curation of Summer of Pride, an annual month-long celebration of diversity in games featuring titles with good LGBTQ+ representation and an array of queer and POC content creators.