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Cosy shopkeeping game Trash Goblin shows off new features for Access-Ability Summer Showcase

Customize the controls, text and audio options for your ideal, relaxed experience!

London, England – June 7th, 2024 – Indie game developer Spilt Milk Studios just revealed all new accessibility features for their upcoming wholesome shopkeeping game Trash Goblin as part of Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024, an event dedicated to showcasing ways that video games can improve accessibility for players with disabilities. The showcase goes live at 4pm BST / 11am EDT / 8am PST.

Trash Goblin includes all sorts of accessibility features ranging from scrubbing your goods without holding down a button, to auto-chiseling, to an array of text and audio settings. The game can be played entirely with the mouse, but there’s keyboard shortcuts and controller support as well. Trash Goblin uses a clean and readable sans-serif typeface with user-defined sizing, and the text will stay on screen until you’ve confirmed you’re ready to move on. In fact, there’s no time pressure or fail states at all in Trash Goblin, so you can relax and enjoy the tactile, scrunchy and satisfying mechanics at your own pace!

“It was very important to us that Trash Goblin can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, so we aimed to ensure that gamers with all manner of disabilities can still enjoy all the trinket-restoring goodness,” said Spilt Milk Creative Director Andrew Smith. “If there’s an accessibility feature we don’t have, feel free to tell us directly on our Discord which is where we sourced a lot of the features in this update! If you’d like to give it a go yourself, there’s already a free demo of Trash Goblin on Steam.”

Trash Goblin is a wholesome & cosy shopkeeping game where you play as a goblin who uncovers and restores trinkets! Find peculiar knickknacks by chipping away at the dirt and cruft they’re embedded inside. Scrub them up nice and clean with your sponge to get them ready for sale. After all, one goblin’s trash is another goblin’s treasure!

Customise your newly replenished goods by combining trinkets together, upcycling them into strange and wonderful new items to meet the eccentric requests of your endless array of colourful customers. Get to know your audience so you can make custom pieces tailored around their likes and dislikes – which will fetch you even more money! 

Grow your business! Invest your savings to upgrade your shop, buy new and better tools that offer additional ways to restore your trinkets – making them even more valuable – and even expand your business to exciting new districts across town!

This demo offers over 90 minutes of gameplay, taking players through the basics of chipping, cleaning and upcycling trinkets, talking to customers, and even combining your restored trash into upcycled gems, with over two dozen trinkets to choose from.

The full game will feature:

  • 180+ trinkets, accessories & variations to find, clean, repair and upcycle
  • 8 tools to use across 3 trinket-care minigames
  • 15+ NPC characters to get to know and sell to
  • 25+ quests
  • Endless customers
  • Endless gameplay

About Spilt Milk Studios

Spilt Milk Studios is a multi-award-winning independent game developer. We’re focused on delighting players with wholesome games made with a twinkle in our eye, and are dedicated to fostering a diverse community who values curiosity and empathy. We’re making games for a global audience, and are driven by an inexorable moral imperative around how we build our company and the kinds of games we want to make. These pillars guide us as we grow, nurturing people, processes & talent so that we leave the world a better place than how we found it. It’s literally the least we can do.