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Void Crew Unveils Roguelite Endless Mode, a New Major Early Access Update Available Today on Steam

PARIS May 29, 2024 Void Crew, the chaotic co-op space game for 1-4 players in Steam Early Access, invites you to set course for uncharted galaxies and experience epic adventures beyond the stars with today’s brand-new Roguelite Endless Mode update. Embark on space pilgrimages aboard your own ship with your crew, brave fierce battles in hostile environments, and try to make it out in one piece!

In Void Crew, the followers of METEM unite against a mysterious aggressor – the Hollow. As METEM’s chosen, you and your crew of up to four mavericks must brave the void and bring order to the galaxy! Embark on the most advanced spacecraft ever built, and journey into deep space on thrilling missions you absolutely never trained for! Asteroid storms, solar flares and your friends’ screw-ups will be the least of your worries, as hostile aliens and desperate human scavengers push your crew to the limits.

Roguelite Endless Mode Drops Today!

Welcome to a new, never-ending odyssey: start with nothing, gather your crew, and build up your ship, mission after mission, with no time to catch your breath! As the challenge intensifies, will you be strong enough to resist waves of increasingly powerful enemies?

In addition to Endless mode, today’s update includes new abilities and perks for every Ectype class, as well as controller support. It also adds new social features like emotes, immersive in-world voice chat, and more collectable cosmetics. Last but not least, two more languages are now supported: simplified Chinese and Russian!

The community is the driving force behind Void Crew’s early access journey. Your feedback and active involvement are vital in shaping the game’s future. Join this cosmic adventure by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on Void Crew’s social media channels! And for a glimpse of what’s to come, check out the game’s development roadmap on Steam.

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