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PvPvE Survival Shooter DUCKSIDE’s Next Open Beta Begins June 6

Soar through the skies, build epic bases and hunt the competition with a quack-out-loud new trailer debuted at tinyBuild Connect

SEATTLE May 21, 2024 – Publisher tinyBuild and developer tinyBuild Riga today announced at tinyBuild Connect that DUCKSIDE, the upcoming persistent-world survi-fowl game, will host a new open beta test on Steam starting June 6, 2024. A brand-new gameplay trailer has also been revealed, showcasing DUCKSIDE’s action-packed combination of PvP, PvE, crafting, base-building – and hat-wearing, weapon-wielding ducks!

Following a highly successful beta period earlier this year which had over 150,000 players sign up to join the flock, fans can now register to be notified via Discord when the new beta begins on June 6 on Steam. This beta will bring with it new buildings, map locations, blueprints and more timely changes based on community feed-quack.

DUCKSIDE delivers a fresh take on the persistent-world survival genre popularized by games like DayZ and Rust. Featuring a duck-billed blend of PvP, PvE, extensive crafting and base-building systems, DUCKSIDE is set to be the next beak-out hit from tinyBuild!

Key Features:

  • Take to the skies with sophisticated flight mechanics, gliding and diving over mountains, locating secret treasures, and raining down feathered fury from a bird’s-eye view.
  • Scour for resources by beaking away at stones, wood, and various natural resources. Construct valuable tools and forge the most impenetrable of nests for storage, safety and survival, but beware – nowhere is truly safe.
  • Watch out for rogue humans on the hunt as you explore DUCKSIDE’s massive, 50-player environment – or attack them first to secure epic loot.
  • Survive on your own or squad up with your best anatidae (the scientific name for water birds, tell your mom you learned something today) to form a frightening flock forcing feathered foes to think twice before striking.

For more information, visit tinyBuild’s official website, and follow @PlayDUCKSIDE and @tinyBuild on Twitter/X for the latest news and announcements.

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