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Post-Apocalyptic Survival Sandbox City 20 Launches Demo on 30th May

Explore a dystopian heart of darkness in first-look demo ahead of Steam Next Fest

Genoa, Italy – 28th May 2024: Established development house Untold Games today proudly announces that a demo for its upcoming dystopian-tinged survival sandbox title City 20 will be available to download via Steam on 30th May, ahead of its participation in Steam Next Fest in June.

A brand new, darkly enrapturing trailer sets the tone and showcases just some of the encounters players may have while exploring a forsaken city living in the wake of a catastrophic radioactive event.

City 20 – Steam Next Fest Demo Trailer

City 20 is a deep and ambitious dystopian life sim set to launch in PC Early Access later this year. It uses a complex interplay of mathematical models to portray life within a post-apocalyptic sealed-off settlement. Players will embark upon a highly-dynamic quest for survival as they navigate harsh environmental conditions, make difficult societal decisions and encounter organised factions.

Each choice the player makes will have a cascading effect on the world thanks to the deep interconnectedness of the game’s realistically programmed social and natural environments – meaning no two players will ever have the same experience.

The demo features just a taste of what’s to come during the Early Access period, and gives players 2.5 days to explore a section of City 20. Players will be introduced to the game’s freeform systems via friendly character Goga who has a favour or two to ask – though whether or not they choose to help – well, that’s entirely up to them.

Players can also meet, engage and barter with the Raboch Faction and other NPCs, push the limits of the law, get to grips with the game’s robust farming and crafting systems, or simply ignore all that and carve their own distinct path through the city.

City 20 is coming to PC Early Access in Summer 2024. Untold Games invites players to stay tuned via the social media links below for further updates and announcements as the game’s development progresses.

About Untold Games

For the past decade, Untold Games has been a key player behind the gaming scene, porting unforgettable videogames and providing top-tier development services using Unreal Engine. Their fortunate journey has been marked by collaborations with some of the most creative studios in the gaming industry.

From porting the adrenaline-pumping adventures of “Journey to the Savage Planet” and the heartwarming and innovative “It Takes Two” to Nintendo Switch, to upgrading for next gen consoles the high-octane racing “Assetto Corsa Competizione”, they’ve done it all.

Untold Games are currently working on something personal: City 20. A groundbreaking dystopian life simulator.