Culver City, Calif. (May 23, 2024) – Crunchyroll is going bananas with a new Bananya collaboration heading to the hit free-to-play battle royale game Fall Guys on May 23.  Players can expect a variety of delightfully fun and interactive cosmetics available in the Fall Guys Store, including two Bananya costumes, one celebration as well as one emote, helping fans worldwide customize their Fall Guys experience for maximum cuteness.

“We at Crunchyroll are so excited to bring an adorable series like Bananya to life with Fall Guys through such a fun, on-brand collaboration. We have no doubt that these super cute in-game cosmetics will allow fans to engage with the show in a fresh way,” said Vice President of Global Consumer Products, Anna Songco Adamian.

The full lineup of Bananya in-game offerings include: 

  • Bananya costume – For players that want to embody the star of Bananya, the white kitty who lives in a banana, this is the costume for you! 
  • Droopy Eared Bananya costume – For those who want something a little fluffier and a little more pink, the Droopy Eared Bananya costume is sure to do the trick.
  • Happy Bananya Emote – Ever want to express your joy like a Bananya who just found a sweet treat? Now you can with this emote!
  • Bananya wins, Nya Celebration – Did your charming bunch win every round? Now, you and your buddies can celebrate together in true Bananya fashion.

The Bananya collaboration on Fall Guys is available to fans worldwide outside of China, and playable across PC and console. Bananya cosmetics will be available in the Fall Guys Store from May 24 through May 30, but not to worry – all the adorable fun will live on indefinitely after purchase. Bananya is the effortlessly adorable series of animated shorts produced by TMS Entertainment about the secret life of kitties who live in bananas, with two seasons of kitty-adventures streaming now on Crunchyroll. 

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About Bananya

There are still many mysterious creatures in this universe that we don’t know about. On a distant planet, one mysterious species has come into existence. They are known as “Bananyas.” What sort of planet do the Bananyas come from, and what sort of life do they lead? And what if they began to dream about coming to Earth someday?

Bananya is an original character by Q-LiA, who plans, develops, and sells character sundries and stationery supplies. TMS Entertainment is responsible for producing the Bananya original anime series in 2016 and 2019. Bananya is currently available on various platforms in Japan and overseas.

For more information on Bananya, please visit: https://tmsanime.com/project/bananya