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It’s Golden Hour in Eternal Return!

Season 4 makes its debut looking as stunning as a sunset on the beach

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — May 30, 2024 | Kakao Games and Nimble Neuron are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new season of Eternal Return. Teeming with a wealth of new content including skins, augments, unpredictable weather variables and more, there’s plenty to keep players refreshed this summer. 

Be prepared to pack for every type of weather when visiting Lumia Island, for who knows what mother nature has in store. From beautiful sunny skies and lighting, to dusty sandstorms, each match will throw a new challenge at players, with a random assignment of one of four new main weather conditions, as well as an extra sub weather to boot. What’s more, each weather condition has its own set of exciting effects that can either help or hinder players in battle, so they’ll need to think on their feet and adapt in order to walk away with a win.

Players can now also embrace their dark side with the newest augment joining the roster of abilities: Chaos. Consisting of 3 Core Augments and 6 Secondary Augments, Chaos deals damage longer and harder, especially to opponents boasting higher HP. Alongside this new addition comes some exciting tweaks to the augment selection process, Season 4 sees players limited to one Secondary Augment from each side of the Augment tree, making each decision crucial.

The newest Season Pack is a sight for sore eyes. All dressed up for an exciting beach holiday, the Summer Bliss Eva skin will see players destroying their enemies in style. And that’s not all, as the latest ER Pass is also sporting 6 new Season 4 exclusive skins, 4 priceless special items, as well as 2 new — and extremely well-dressed — test subjects, Darko and Lenore, that join the roster ready to be played and mastered.

And Nimble Neuron is not stopping there. Players should get excited for the upcoming 1 year anniversary of Eternal Return. With fantastic celebrations and exciting reveals guaranteed, July is definitely a month to look forward to!

For those eager to try their hand at becoming Lumia Island’s ultimate survivor, in June Eternal Return will be hosting various coaching sessions via Twitch with popular content creators and ER Partners: Doublelift, IKeepItTaco, Bustin. Practice sessions will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June, and players will get to put their learnings to the test during an exhibition match in the upcoming Creator’s Clash tournament on June 8th. For more information, please refer to the official Eternal Return website

About Eternal Return

On the deserted Lumia Island, the seedy organization known as AGLAIA is conducting secret experiments on human subjects in a bid to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans. Scour the island for materials to craft armor and weapons and be the last one standing in this thrilling, challenging multiplayer online survival arena.

About Kakao Games

Founded in 2016, Kakao Games is a leading publisher of online and mobile games, responsible for releasing titles including Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online (serviced in North America and Europe until early 2021), KRAFTON’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (serviced in Korea), ArcheAge, Survival MOBA Eternal Return (service in North America, Europe and Oceania), Kong Studios’ Guardian Tales (serviced in North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania), and Nineark’s Eversoul (serviced in North America and Europe).

About Nimble Neuron

Founded in 2013, Nimble Neuron, mostly known for its PC Game Eternal Return. Nimble Neuron is made of passionate game players who have the common goal of creating high quality games for the enjoyment of players all across the globe.