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Huge New Early Access Content Update Released for Freeform Sandbox ARPG The Bloodline

Unlock the secrets of ‘The Sands of Askil’, a thrilling new desert Kingdom and prepare for The Unforgiven. 

Milan, Italy – 23rd May 2024. Indie publisher HOOK is pleased to invite players to enter a whole new thrilling Kingdom in the acclaimed freeform sandbox ARPG The Bloodline. From today, fans will be able to immerse themselves in the exciting new The Sands of Askil free content update via Steam Early Access and continue their enthralling adventure as a member of a legendary bloodline known as The Harbingers.

Building upon the foundation of community-focused development, Miles Whittiker, solo developer at Shieldbearer Studios, and creator of The Bloodline, has been working to expand the gameplay experience with the addition of the new Askil Kingdom to explore – a kingdom in the heart of a great desert! Expect to discover new playable areas, more quests, mounts, companions, events, optimizations, fixes and much, much more. That’s not all as Askil will be the first opportunity to catch a glimpse of The Unforgiven, the legendary enemies of the Harbinger bloodline!​

Watch The Sands of Askil content update trailer below: 

The Sands of Askil adds the following exciting new features to The Bloodline

  • Explore a vast desert Kingdom: Enter the sun-scorched lands of Askil, and discover major cities, quaint villages, and breathtaking landmarks that dot the expansive desert landscape.​
  • Unravel New Mysteries: Delve deep into the heart of Askil as players uncover ancient secrets, encounter enigmatic characters, and confront new adversaries lurking within its sands.​
  • Confront Formidable Enemies: Test your skills against a host of new foes, from cunning desert bandits to fearsome creatures that roam the dunes, each presenting unique challenges to overcome.​
  • Embark on New Quests: Engage in thrilling new quests that lead players on a journey of discovery through the richly detailed world of Askil, offering exciting rewards and opportunities for adventure along the way.​
  • Unlock New Gear and Skills: Arm yourself with powerful new weapons, don formidable armor, ride impressive new mounts and unlock a variety of new skills to customize your playstyle and enhance your abilities in combat.​

Originally released on PC via Steam Access in October 2023, The Bloodline has captivated players with its community-focused development foundation and vast sandbox world to explore. Forge your own path through the open fantasy game world as you take the role of a descendant of the Harbinger bloodline – a lineage gifted the power of foresight by an ancient god to protect Eudros from the Unforgiven. A legend that seemed faded in time… but your visions show The Unforgiven marching, the Harbinger defeated, and the land devastated.

Published by HOOK and developed by Shieldbearer Studio, The Bloodline is out now via Steam Early Access at an SRP of €19,99 €/ $19,99 $ / £15,99.

Expect further exciting content updates throughout The Bloodline’s development journey to full release. 



HOOK, a Digital Bros’ subsidiary, is a publishing label focused on offering a unique selection of indie games which stand out for concept, visual, genre or themes. 

HOOK provides full-service publishing support (including funding, development support, QA, localization, marketing & PR) to independent development teams with a strong commitment and vision, to help them realize and market their projects globally. 


Hi! I’m Miles, solo developer working on The Bloodline. I’ve craved a game that would scratch my Fantasy RPG itch for years now, but I haven’t been able to find one that truly felt like a freeform sandbox RPG, so I set out to make one on my own! There is now a blooming player community providing feedback. Join us on this fantastic journey.