Spiderling Studios answers their community’s call and brings water to the popular sandbox builder.

LONDON, United KingdomMay 24th, 2024 – From Spiderling Studios, the new expansion to the acclaimed indie game, Besiege, is out now on Steam! Set sail and show off your maritime might in The Splintered Sea expansion with new challenges, building blocks, and physics. Join Besiege’s community manager, Sam, today at 6pm BST/1pm ET on Twitch as he shows off all the ins and outs of this long-awaited addition.

Aquatic Adventure Awaits
The Splintered Sea is set to turn all eyes back onto the fan favorite as it officially brings water to the game. After three years of development, this expansion offers impressive immersion and impactful gameplay through carefully designed water simulation, marine engineering physics, and eight new building blocks dedicated to nautical success. Ten new oceanic zones await as players look to conquer the seas both on the surface and in the depths below.

A Cult Classic
After five years of early access, beloved sandbox builder Besiege was fully released in 2020, adding additional blocks and levels, a level editor, and the Besiege Multiverse multiplayer experience along the way. Now, the base campaign features fifty-five levels of machine-building fun as players are challenged to conquer the islands of Ipsilon, Tolbrynd, Valfross, and Krolmar. The sky’s the limit for ambitious designers, as creations come to life block by block through the intuitive building system, featuring over seventy building blocks. Over the years, fans of the game have created transforming dinosaurs, walker mechs, and more; what will come off the drawing board next as players embark along The Splintered Sea?

Gameplay Features:

  • Oceanic Campaign Challenges: Dive into ten new water-themed campaign levels, pitting your creations against your enemy’s formidable fleet and treacherous sea creatures.
  • Building Aquatic Machines: Harness the power of eight new blocks specially designed for maritime madness, including barrels for adjustable buoyancy, a rudder for improved steering, a harpoon launcher for engaging enemies, and more.
  • Immersive Water Simulation: Play with elements of hydrodynamics, including shape-dependent drag, density-based buoyancy, and higher-speed impacts, offering a realistic and engaging aquatic building experience.
  • Brand New Sandbox: Explore a rugged archipelago, challenge mighty galleons, terrorize local fishermen, and navigate treacherous waters in a sandbox built specifically for The Splintered Sea.
  • Multiplayer Madness: Engage in multiplayer combat with friends, create custom levels with the in-game editor, and unleash chaos in Besiege‘s water-filled arenas.

Besiege: The Splintered Sea is available now on Steam for $8.99 USD. Aspiring inventors new to Besiege can purchase the Seafarer Edition bundle for both the base game and expansion. The Supporter Edition bundle will also be available for fans eager to support the continued development of Besiege, featuring a master album of the game’s OST and an in-game animated cube skin in addition to the base game and expansion.


About Spiderling Studios

Spiderling Studios is an independent game developer from the UK that specializes in physics-based sandbox games and are best known for the castle-smashing, machine-building game, Besiege.