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WWI FPS Isonzo Climbs Even Greater Heights Today with Limited-Time Ascent Mode, Free Update & New DLC

PARIS April 10, 2024 – BlackMill Games, the studio behind the WWI Game Series, today releases even more content for Isonzo, the authentic World War I FPS set on the Italian front. Climb to victory with the unique, limited-time Ascent game mode, a free update improving gameplay on consoles, and new DLC. Today also marks the release of Isonzo’s Ultimate Edition on PC, gathering all paid DLC in one bundle (coming soon to consoles).

Climb to victory with a new free mode: Ascent

Ascent is the first temporary mode for Isonzo and brings new climbing-based gameplay that has never been experienced in first-person shooters. Scale a sheer mountainside with only a pickaxe as bullets and rocks fly past in what might be the most daring way to assault an enemy position seen during the war! During each Ascent match, 32 players must battle it out to either hold their position on the mountain or conquer it. Earn your special event medal upon completion before it ends!

“As with our previous special events for the WW1 Game Series, such as the Verdun Christmas Truce event, Ascent stays true to our tradition of offering players a brand-new way to experience the conflicts of WWI, this time in the most extreme heights of the Italian Alps,” said BlackMill Games Founder Jos Hoebe.

Ascent is available until April 24 on Steam, PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store.

Elevating Isonzo to higher levels on consoles

The console version of Isonzo has received a massive update with a range of quality-of-life improvements. Additionally, to enhance cross-platform and cross-gen compatibility in the console environment, voice chat has been added, meaning that soldiers on PlayStation and Xbox can now communicate by voice for the first time in the series!

Gear up for altitude!

When ascending to such heights in these conditions, it is important to gear up properly. For this exact reason, the “Altitude Units Pack” is being released alongside Ascent. This pack contains all kinds of clothing suitable for cold alpine warfare: fur-lined coats, fitting jackets, warm boots and even ski uniforms. There are also new headgear variants, mustaches, goggles, pipes and faces for both Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

Isonzo, the “Altitude Units Pack” DLC, and the game’s free update are now available on Steam, PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. The Ultimate Edition is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store now and will come to consoles at a later date. Get the game and its various DLC sets at up to 67% off for a limited time, and enjoy the Ascent mode for free until April 24!

About the WWI Game Series and BlackMill Games

BlackMill Games brings history to life in video games. Every project is carefully researched to provide authentic details combined with compelling gameplay within a historical setting. It co-founded the WWI Game Series, including three authentic squad-based WWI FPS games with Verdun, Tannenberg and Isonzo. The series has gathered more than two million players, highlighting the appeal of this underserved setting.