K-Pop star BIBI teams up with PlayStation on the upcoming Stellar Blade title

PlayStation Australia is pleased to announce that rising K-Pop star and actress, BIBI, has teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment on their upcoming title, Stellar Blade. 

With excitement growing for the PS5-exclusive, BIBI has only added to it with a tie-in song and music video named after the game’s heroine, ‘Eve’. The song and video are inspired by the world of Stellar Blade. 

See the full video here!

BIBI has risen to fame in South Korea, with a massive following of over three million on Instagram, this latest team-up between BIBI and Stellar Blade’s developer, SHIFT UP, feels natural as the Korean developer based out of Seoul prepares to launch their first-ever game under PlayStation after being founded in 2013.

One of the most anticipated title releases of the year, Stellar Blade follows the journey of Eve, a warrior who descends from an off-world Colony to defeat the Naytibas, humanity’s enemy that suddenly emerged on Earth. The Naytibas appear to be attacking the human race at the will of a higher entity composed of Alpha and an Elder, but no one really knows about their origin.

Mark your calendar for Friday, 26 April, play some BIBI, and make sure not to miss the preorder bonuses. The time for humankind to reclaim Earth has nearly arrived.

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