Roguelite Tower Defense with a Fantasy Flavor Now Available to the Masses

Bristol,  United Kingdom — May 2, 2024 | The day has come to protect those precious towers from relentless waves of bullheaded baddies in a hostile hexagonal world. The brand new game from indie developer Split Second Games and publisher Yogscast Games, Hexguardian is out now on Steam! 

Taking the high-anxiety fun of an exciting roguelite, stirring in classic tower defence, and adding a healthy dollop of creative city-building and tile placement, Hexguardian drops players into its uniquely modular, hexagon-shaped world, featuring an eye-pleasing fantasy art style across multiple biomes.   

Intrepid players will expand their kingdom while simultaneously protecting their beloved realm from wave upon wave of enemies arriving by land and sea. To do so, they will shape terrain to their will, strategically place brave defenders, and create battle-ready towers to safeguard the denizens of their growing domain.

Hexguardian is now available on Steam for £9.99 / $11.99 / €11.79. Be sure to add this relentless roguelite to your library today!

About Yogscast Games

Yogscast Games was established in 2017, with a simple goal: to work with small teams to develop and publish games which are as fun to watch as they are to play. Its most recent releases have included poker-powered deckbuilding game ‘Aces & Adventures’, the wickedly amoral ‘Trolley Problem, Inc.’ and the wildly successful restaurant management roguelike ‘PlateUp!’ which recently passed 1.5m Steam units sold.

About Split Second Games

Split Second Games is a small game studio dedicated to developing fun and innovative strategy games. We are currently working on a roguelite tower defence game named Hexguardian.