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New Unrecord Gameplay Video Released

Taking advantage of the GTA VI trailer hype, the French indie studio, DRAMA, posted a small new gameplay video of the Unreal Engine 5 first-person shooter, Unrecord. The game shows the bodycam of a policeman in the middle of the job and the action.

Earlier this year, a gameplay video went viral because of the hyper-realistic graphics that made people doubt if the gameplay video was real or a cinematic. Later, the studio posted different videos confirming that it had been actual gameplay footage of Unrecord.

Alexandre Spindler, responsible for the studio, post a tweet in X, with the message: “We are still here” with an a suspicious eyes emoji and a short, new gameplay video of Unrecord.

DRAMA has posted various gameplay videos about the action aspect of the game, but Unrecord will also have an important narrative element that will follow the different missions of a police inspector and all that he will have to endure in the job.

For the moment, there is no a launch date. The game can be already wish listed on Steam.

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