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In a world where humanity hunts those in search of power, the young bunny-eared witch Pieberry knows nothing of the world outside of her forest beyond that the humans that stumble inside want her dead. In an effort to survive and relive memories from her youth Pieberry begins training and searching for a way beyond the forest in WitchSpring R.

WitchSpring R is a story-driven RPG combining elements of collecting, simulation, and battling. Experience the joy of training a young witch and accompany her on a grand adventure!

WitchSpring R
Developer: KIWIWALKS
Publisher: Pixmain
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 26 Sep, 2023
Price: $39.99 USD

Available here – https://www.kiwiwalks.com/


Recommended – WitchSpring R is a charming RPG with solid gameplay and a wonderful cast, serving as a great reboot looking to draw in new fans and will delight those that have played the originals.”

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