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Dawn of the Monsters: Arcade + Character DLC Pack: Impressions

Dawn of the Monsters: Arcade + Character DLC Pack

Developer: 13AM Games
Publisher: WayForward
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $6.99 – Available Here

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Beat-em ups are known for a lot of things, but the narrative is usually a second thought in most cases. Dawn of the Monsters, the excellent Kaiju-based brawler landed last year to high praise, but some had an itch for a more stream lined experience. 13am Games have delivered a huge value in their new “Arcade Edition + Character DLC Pack”, adding in the titled additions, which should add some new replay value into the beloved title. How does it measure up? Lets find out.


Before we tackle the actual gameplay additions, I want to speak a moment on Meteor Temujin, as he is the new mech to control and is quite the addition all around. This Sentai inspired robot has several attacks. One is a mighty hammer that can deal a great deal to enemies, as well as a sword, and a swooping axe. With this comes new ultimate attacks and a fresh variety that most should enjoy, becoming a welcome addition to the mix. Other characters have also been shown a lot of love, with over 50 skins applied for the now five characters within the game. Yes, its a very impressive pack, and one that adds a lot of value on its own.

The Arcade mode is absolutely the sweet spot of this DLC. Players now can go through the game’s 11 stages in a new format where the objective is survival, where a losing player is sent back to the start. Avoid damage, survive, and fight forward to win, with leaderboards available for bragging rights. The mode is split into two sections, with “Rogue” and “Classic Mode”, allowing for the player to get randomly generated or preset power-ups, which of course come with their own difficulties and perks. The whole experience is addictive and a lot more “pick and play” themed, making for something one can go into again and again as they make attempts for completion or simply score accrual. This DLC also has new ending illustrations, and a lot of unlockable content – adding a new layer to the experience as a whole.

Final Thoughts

Dawn of the Monsters now feels more complete than ever with a fantastic and low-priced DLC pack that is sure to add a ton of bang for the buck for any kaiju fan. The new mech is fantastic, but the mode is simply devine, giving us new reasons to jump in and out of the modern classic with a ton of replay value added. Sure, it may not be an entirely new experience as a whole, but do not sleep on adding this little pack to your base game, as it certainly is one of the best add-ons for a console title this year.