Xtreme Sports Review

Xtreme Sports

Developer: WayForward
Publisher: WayForward
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $9.99 – Available Here


You may or may not know Xtreme Sports, but there is a good chance you know of WayForward. The famed studio (known for Shantae) have been delivering quality romps for decades< and are ready to deliver another history lesson in the form of one of their first titles. Xtreme Sports released over 20 years ago for the Game Boy Color, mixing an RPG formula with multiple sports in one cartridge. How does it fare in its re-release for the Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out.


There isn’t a huge plot for Xtreme Sports, but definitely more than one would expect. Players can choose from either Guppi or Fin, and set off as they follow a cola sponsor to a tournament on a mysterious island, where teens are set to do battle in multiple activities as they aim to win it all. There are also several gang members known as the Bone-heads gang, who are simply acting as a fun little side narrative as you compete from area to area. Sure, it isn’t a lot, but the RPG stylings work well and make this title feel very unique, with a lot of that WayForward charm and humor packed in to keep the player coming back for more.


The gameplay within Xtreme Sports has a few different mechanics in play. Exploring the world feels like a classic, top-down RPG, where the player goes from area to area in search of medals, which are of course won by playing in different sports. There are multiple activities such as street luge, in-line skating, surfing, skydiving, and skateboarding to keep you busy, with each feeling different from the next. For instance, Skyboarding has the player attempt to nail tricks to rack up a high score while inputting button combinations they have collected while falling through the air. Inline is about ducking obstacles and collecting flags, while luge is simply a race to the finish where ramps and obstacles speed up or slow down your momentum. Yeah, its not too dramatic in terms of variety, but these are all fun and actually addictive once you get going.

As you progress, the tracks get harder with new competition. Drinks and other buffs come into play as well, allowing the player to get an advantage. Again, this is also a bit of an RPG, so there are many breaks in-between filled with secrets and charming segments to find, so those who want a bit more from a sports title (or simply don’t care for the genre) will find more than enough to enjoy here, as this little gem is packed full of quick fun for everyone who gives it a shot.


I want to remind potential players, or first time contenders here that this is a straight Game Boy Color port, so go in expecting that. This is also still Wayforward and the creative Matt Bozon at work, so a lot of lovely design and colors make this adventure worth it, with imaginative visuals and models, and a locale that is fun to explore. The animations are fluid and sharp, and most will enjoy this throwback as it holds up incredibly well graphically, despite its original platform. There are also some neat wallpapers and other finds to give us something new here, which was a nice addition that does make this version feel a bit more celebrated.


The music in Xtreme Sports is fantastic. This little tunes are lovely and so surprising to see on a game that surely was passed up as a “kids sports title” years ago. There isn’t any real voice acting, which is understandable, but the little sound effects and atmosphere are sure to make you feel cozy and warm as you compete from game to game.


WayForward have a legacy that a lot don’t dig into as much as they should. Xtreme Sports is an underrated classic, and the Switch version is a nice celebration of that, reminding us how far back the studio goes with its reputation of quality and comfort. Sure, the appeal won’t be for everyone here, but this accessible little delight is sure to be a welcome addition to any Switch owner’s library, as it is an addictive little gem that is sure to be a welcome break from reality.

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Once a hidden gem, Xtreme Sports has landed on the Switch, bringing its addictive and charming experience into the hands of a new generation.
Once a hidden gem, <i>Xtreme Sports</i> has landed on the Switch, bringing its addictive and charming experience into the hands of a new generation.Xtreme Sports Review