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Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. DLC Character Releasing September 27

Capcom has announced that the first DLC character for Street Fighter 6 will arrive on September 27th with A.K.I. being available as either part of the Year 1 Character Pass or at least tried out for an hour for free through a Rental Fighter ticket. A.K.I. and her poisonous personality are derived from her master F.A.N.G and she will appear both in the single player World Tour mode where players can learn more about her interest in the Shadaloo organization while visiting the newly unlocked China location while also recruiting her to be a new Master.

Some of A.K.I.’s special moves involve the long distance attack called Serpent Lash, where she sends her nails flying forward like a chain, poisoning enemies she hits. When she strikes an opponent who is already poisoned, a Toxic Blossom will trigger an explosion and open enemies up to follow-up attacks, Nightshade Pulse where she will send a bubble forward that also poisons enemies it hits. She can strike the bubble with Nightshade Chaser to pop it in advance, increasing its area of effect. A.K.I. can also create a puddle of poison called Orchid Spring, slither across the screen using Sinister Slide that can be transitioned into multiple offensive moves and even unleash her powerful level 3 super art called Claws of Ya Zi where she pierces various pressure points on an opponent’s body and injects a poison that dangerously detonates from within.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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