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Pikmin 4 Review

Pikmin 4

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $59.99 – Available Here | $79.95 – Available Here


Pikmin has been around now for over twenty years, but it has been over a decade since a new entry appeared on consoles. Nintendo are ready to garden yet again however, with Pikmin 4 launching on the Switch. Featuring a fleshed out story, new mechanics, and a lovable mutt, this installment is looking to remind us of this underdog yet again. How does Pikmin 4 measure up? Let’s find out.


Pikmin 4 has a cozy, if not familiar narrative of Olimar cruising in his ship, only to have to send out an SOS for his rescue yet again after a not-so-perfect landing. In true style, The Rescue Corps come to save the day, but also have a malfunction, causing another crash landing. The goal now is for this team to regroup, and gather enough valuable resources to take off yet again while still hunting for their missing captain. Oatchi, a newly discovered dog of sorts has allied the team on this mission, and his powerful sniffer and strength will be the key to our heroes’ success this time around.

There is something so soothing about Pikmin. There always has been, but the 4th installment keeps that approach alive with its lovely narrative and endearing cast of characters. Always with a warm atmosphere and presence, each cutscene plays out like an animated feature, and there is always something to make the player smile as they progress forward in this whimsical little adventure.


This is where the magic happens, as they say. Nintendo do not have a ton of “strategy” titles within their library, but Pikmin 4 is rich in strategy as players control not only themselves and their squad, but also Oatchi – your assistant canine species who is able to achieve greater feats than a small group of Pikmin ever could. Oatchi performs wonderfully, as players can control him much like a normal Pikmin, knocking down walls, digging up treasure, and even carrying the entire Pikmin squad that may be following you at the time.

Gone mostly are the fruit expeditions of Pikmin 3, replaced with “Treasures”, which are mainly human inventions or tools such as forks, batteries, and even some of Nintendo’s very own platforms from the past. Its always a delight to come across these objects, so players must strategize to safely pick each up and ensure their safe transit back to the ship. Locales include underground, indoors, and of course the usual outside fare, but this time players can now go out at night thanks to Glow Pikmin. These segments after dark play out more like a tower defence romp, where the player must protect the ship from creatures attracted to the glow of the ship, adding a new slice of urgency to the experience.

To be honest, the game still feels like any other Pikmin title, despite its new additions. The goals are still more of the same, and even with Oatchi, the difficulty is never overwhelming to any Pikmin tamer who is paying attention to the hazards before them. If it isn’t broke is the mindset here, and that works wonders in creating a refined, if not overly familiar adventure. Danori Battles bring back the highly addictive player vs player mode, where each one attempts to keep their squad alive from danger while collecting as much treasure as possible. As someone who has spent hundreds of hours with friends and family in Pikmin 3’s “Bingo Battle”, I must say this is just as good for the most part, offering one of the most compelling and competitive multiplayer experiences yet again that so many still do not know about.

As for length, the main narrative will not take a ton of time as most should be able to do all in under twenty hours. The replay value is had in the co-op with friends (which still has yet to feature online compatibility), along with the extra Olimar missions that can be unlocked by progression of the main campaign.


There is no title on the Switch so full of color and charm as Pikmin 4. That kind of is the point of these adventures, but alas- the visuals are non-stop eye candy that are simply gorgeous, with lovely detail and wonderful animations. I am a bit of a Pikmin lover, and I will admit that the closer camera did take some getting used to, but after a while, even the most seasoned players should easily be able to adjust without much issue to the slightly changed format.


The music is also lovely. There is something so charming about the soundtrack, which even will get your little squad to hum with it, tugging relentlessly at your heartstrings as you work even harder to keep them from danger. The audio throughout the game only compliments the warm nature of the tunes, blending together like a perfect painting to create a setting that is just so different and unique from any other Nintendo produced experience.


Pikmin 4 is a masterpiece. Nintendo are not trying to top their other franchises with Pikmin, and never will. I truly think this franchise was created to live in the underbelly of the brand, offering those willing to look something unique and different in terms of both gameplay and objectives. Sure, more could have been done to make this title sing as outside of Oatchi, this title doesn’t take a lot of risks, but with a ton of treasures to collect and a multiplayer game that is simply outstanding, there is a lot of value within this title that will be appreciated by fans for years to come. Pikmin 4 stands right with its predecessors in a line of titles that are pure quality and joy, and those who give it a chance are sure to find their cooldown title in these lavish terrains.

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Pikmin 4 is an absolute joy, featuring new mechanics and treasures that are sure to keep players enchanted for years to come.
<i>Pikmin 4</i> is an absolute joy, featuring new mechanics and treasures that are sure to keep players enchanted for years to come.Pikmin 4 Review