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Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire Announced for Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch, and PC

A new indie game from publisher PQube and developer Octeto Studios has been revealed by the name of Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire. Looking to take inspiration from a classic Sega JRPG this turn-based aerial dog fighting game will be released for the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC though at the moment no release window was revealed.

Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire is set in a world where centuries have passed since The Great Scattering, a cataclysmic event that shattered the surface of the planet, throwing large portions of land toward the skies, and destroying most of the human civilization in the process. Remnants of the planet are still found within the atmosphere, where humanity has formed new tribes and adapted to live up in the skies. Players take on the role of Glenn Windwalker whose dire for adventure throws him into the mission of a lifetime.

Alongside Glenn players will recruit a crew of Sky Pirates of their own with each unique member having a diverse background, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and it is up to players to keep the team happy. This includes character interactions as there will be dialogue choices with team members that will play a role in how much they like their captain. The announcement trailer for the game as well as a number of screenshots can be found below.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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