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Soul Hackers 2 Opening Movie and Combat Trailer Revealed

A few new English videos for Soul Hackers 2 have been released ahead of the game’s upcoming release at the end of the month. The first of these videos happens to focus on devil summoning and combat while the other features the game’s opening video.

In Soul Hackers 2 devil summoners are humans who have forged contracts with demons who can then be summoned at will through their COMP systems. Demons can be assigned to each of Ringo’s teammates, and they will then have access to that demon’s abilities in battle.Identify and exploit enemy weaknesses to gain stacks at the end of the party’s turn. Ringo will use those stacks to conduct a Sabbath—a brutal attack that affects all enemies on the field.

As for the three and a half minute opening video, it gives players a brief look at characters and a little bit of what to expect from the game in something of a unique style for an RPG such as this. Currently Atlus is planning on releasing Soul Hackers 2 worldwide on August 26th for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Combat and Summoning Trailer
Opening Movie
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