Having Fun With Mods in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

A couple of mods, zero impulse control, and this was the result

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What is one advantage of a former console exclusive finally making its way to PC? Ultrawide monitor support? Sure, there’s that. We might get a “more complete” package in terms of DLC and bonus content all wrapped into one? Yeah, that happens as well. But I’ll be focusing today on something that’s sort of exclusive to PC. Mods. Loads and loads of mods.

It didn’t take long after the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for the first mods to start popping up. Alternate costumes at first, slight gameplay tweaks through mods, and so on. But then things started to get a bit crazy. Now you can play as Goku or even Big Smoke from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and although the symbiote suit from the Spider-Man 3 movie isn’t officially in the game, it is now only a few clicks away – thanks to the magic of modding.

Of course, I couldn’t resist fooling around some more after I completed the game so what you see above is a video compilation of my favorite mods for Spidey. I got to play as Stan Lee, Kingpin, Aunt May, Daredevil and waaaaait for it – Kermit the Frog. Hey, if the option is there……why not go for it.

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