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Dead Island 2 Temporarily Listed on Amazon for February 3, 2023 Release

The development of Dead Island 2 has been something of a ridiculous affair but it seems that, just like the zombies that populate the game, this undead corpse is continuing to shamble forth. Eight years after it was first revealed and after swapping from Yager Interactive to Sumo Digital and finally being taken over by Dambuster Studio it appears that an end may just be in sight for Deep Silver‘s open world zombie game as an Amazon listing featuring box art and some of the first screenshots of the game we have seen in years has appeared online. So far, according to the now removed listing, Dead Island 2 will be releasing on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on February 3, 2023.

Alongside the screenshots and box art comes a brand new description from the listing stating that after “a deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, California, turning its inhabitants into ravenous zombies. The city is in quarantine and the military have retreated. Bitten, infected, but more than just immune, you learn to harness the zombie inside. Only you, and the handful of other swaggering fellows who happen to be resistant to the pathogen, holds the future of Los Angeles (and humanity), in the balance. As you uncover the truth behind the outbreak you’ll discover who—or what—you are. Survive, evolve, save the world—just another day in Los Angeles.”

Currently the Amazon listings have been pulled but the box arts for Dying Light 2 as well as the screenshots can be found below.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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