LOST EPIC Update Introduces Two New Worlds to Action RPG

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More Weapons, Skins, and Requested Features Ahead of Exiting Early Access in Q4 2021

TOKYO – 28 September, 2021 – LOST EPIC, the 2D Souls-like side-scrolling action RPG with fast-paced battles and hack-and-slash elements from publisher One or Eight and developer Team EARTH WARS, summons forth a new update with new levels, weapons, skills, quests, UI improvements, and more. Enter the world of Sanctum with a limited-time 15% discount before the game graduates from Early Access in Q4 2021.

Explore two new worlds, doubling the amount of content in LOST EPIC. Explore The Capital, a city full of tubes and organ-like objects, featuring new shield-wielding and magic casting enemies. In The Underworld, travel by the light of torches, uncovering multiple paths in this Land of the Giants, and meet a girl ghost who will reveal some of the mysteries of Sanctum, with new beautiful character artwork by Namie (Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, Azur Lane).

Utilize new tools like the Shield Gauntlet, a glove that transforms into a shield which can reduce incoming damage or reflect enemy attacks without losing stamina. Equip the new Wand weapon type, which has high Magic stats and can learn the brand-new Divine Skills and one-handed sword skills. Buy new weapons from the Underworld’s Dark Merchant using anima earned from bosses and selected targets, or fight him and steal his possessions, but beware the consequences.

Earn new player skins and accessories, and take on the appearance of fallen knights with the new Memoria feature. Additional features added by player request include keyboard input support, local save support, stat rebalancing, menu UI improvements, better explanations, and many bug fixes. LOST EPIC now features 14-20 hours of playtime, nearly 40 weapons, and more than 100 skills, with more content to arrive when the game graduates from Early Access.

“Thanks to everyone who supported us so far, your feedback helped make this update improve the game, and we look forward to what everyone thinks of the two new worlds,” said Team EARTH WARS. “And for everyone new, now is the perfect time to start playing with the Steam discount ahead of our full game launch later this year!” 

LOST EPIC is out now on Steam Early Access for Windows PC for $19.99 with a 15% update discount. For more information, visit the official LOST EPIC website and the official Discord server.


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