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This week finds the massive pirate world of ATLAS introducing a new modular ship variant: Broadsider! The Broadsider is a heavy-hitter packing a devastating punch with 40 cannons at its disposal. Given the opportunity, this ship will make quick work of any vessel or defenses that are unfortunate to fall into its massive firing range.

The Broadsider is the first in a new system of modular ships that is only craftable by following a blueprint design. These blueprints are discovered in shipwrecked sunken treasure locations around the world, and then craftable in the advanced shipyard. Blueprints come in different rarities – the rarer the blueprint, the more modular points players will have to then customize their ships. Test your luck and see if you can craft a mythical Broadsider to add to your fleet.

ATLAS is an early access game with lots of changes happening as the game evolves! Additional bug fixes for PC and Xbox One Pathfinders are listed in ye patch notes HERE

ATLAS players will stake their claim in this vast open world while endeavoring to construct custom ships, search for buried treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, plunder traveling merchants, then recruit a crew to join their powerful Armada and engage in the ultimate quest for fortune and glory! ATLAS has full cross-platform support, allowing Xbox and Steam PC players to battle together in the same gigantic world.

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