Adorable (and delightfully ridiculous) physics-based party game Fisti-Fluffs launches for Switch and PC.

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Cat-lovers can scratch that party-fighting game itch as they pounce, hiss, flail, and claw their way through the kitty kingdom

September 23, 2021- Rogue, a leading publisher of “bats*** insane” video games today announced that Fisti-Fluffs, the physics-based multiplayer party brawler, is available now on Nintendo Switch via eShop and PC on Steam and Epic Games Store for $19.99. Up to 4 players can battle it out in a Free-Fur-All melee combat.

Check out the new Fisti-Fluffs launch trailer, HERE.

Fisti-Fluff features:

  • Fast-paced, physics-based gameplay – Headbutt, scratch, and divebomb feline friends in cat tussling fun.
  • Competitive and coop multiplayer – Engage in hilarious brawls with up to four players. Online play coming soon via an update after launch.
  • Destructible environments – Lay carnage to six fully destructible and colorful stages. You’ve heard of couch co-op, this is “f*** up a couch co-op.”
  • Weapons everywhere – Smack objects to launch them across environments. Guitars, coffee makers, priceless family heirlooms, it’s all game.
  • An adorable roster of real life cats – Try not to ooh and aah at all of the lovable kitties and charming style.
  • Customizable create-a-kitty mode – Deck out felines in fashion with a litter of styles with hats and outfits ranging from chic to silly
  • Screenshot mode – Snap shareable screenshots overflowing with cuteness using built-in camera mode in the Playroom.
  • Game mode variety – Five playable game modes including a cooperative mode, Kibble Defense, in which up to four furiends fend off rats and other critters from stealing their kibble in this endless wave based game mode.

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Rogue Games, founded by industry leaders with more than 150+ years of games publishing experience, is a new kind of game company powered by innovative technology and developer-first solutions. Rogue’s extensive portfolio of games, which spans mobile, console and PC, features award-winning hit titles including Sociable Soccer ‘21™ and Arcanium as well as trending titles like Under: Depths of Fear, Bright Paw, Super Impossible Road and many more. Rogue is headquartered in San Mateo with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle.

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