Vault of the Void First 45 Minutes of Gameplay

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Vault of the Void is a roguelite deck builder designed for fast paced action. Check out some normal level gameplay in our latest video.

A roguelite card game where you craft your deck, swapping in and out cards as you progress, perfecting the ultimate combos. Upgrade & customize your cards with Void Stones, infusing them with new abilities to help defeat the insidious minions that stand between you and The Void.

Vault of the Void
Developer: Spider Nest Games
Publisher: Spider Nest Games
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 20 November 2020 (Early Access)

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Recommended – “A solid rogue-like deckbuilder that emphasizes fast paced play by quickly recycling unneeded cards. Well thought out starter decks that provide players some options to start building on.”

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