Mayhem Brawler First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

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Join us as we run through the first 3 levels of Mayhem Brawler, a kick-ass urban fantasy themed 2D beat ’em up!

Mayhem Brawler is an urban fantasy themed beat ’em up that brings back the 90s arcade vibe to present day. With comic book style art and kick-ass soundtracks, it offers a unique experience that you can tackle solo or as co-op with friends while defining the next step in the story with your choices.

Mayhem Brawler
Developer: Hero Concept
Publisher: Hero Concept
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 19 Aug, 2021

Available now on steam –


Recommended – “A kick-ass action beat ’em up with good combat mechanics, great comic book style artwork and awesome soundtrack. A surprisingly interesting story with cool branching choices and multiple endings.”

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