The Tenants, a rental property empire simulator, just got a new update!

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This landlord simulator is getting better every day! Its developers just launched an update that introduces new and exciting features that will change your gameplay forever.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 27th, Cracow, Poland.

The Tenants just got its Tenancy update, which might be a gamebreaker! This first major patch has been in the works for quite a while, and it introduces plenty of new content and several massive features that address the biggest shortcomings of the current gameplay loop. 

The patch comes with new tenant archetypes: Wondersville folks have taken the time to expand their horizons, and now you’ll be able to meet and house Artists who enjoy units designed with a bit more pizzazz than usual. Try to meet their demands, and you might make some money off them too! This update also introduces many new Elite Contracts and dozens of new furniture items. You might especially enjoy the set of contracts that involve designing a wedding reception space and the interior of a chapel for the ceremony.

The changes include:

●    New tenant interactions
●    Mid-tenancy renovation requests
●    New Skill Tree
●    Tutorial changes
●    New Creative mode
●    Minor optimization

If you are fond of games that require planning and problem-solving skills, you’ll be excited about The Tenants. Acquire apartments and then rent them out. Face problematic tenants and resolve their issues as quickly as possible – you never know what will happen next! One minute you’re taking care of broken TVs and plenty of other issues to make sure everyone is content with their apartments, and the next, you’re stumbling in on loud parties that you need to shut down before someone calls the police. Oh, and don’t think that everyone will pay you on time – not a chance!

More information about the game can be found on Steam.

About Ancient Forge Studio

Ancient Forge Studio is a video game development studio from Poland, founded in 2018 by Max Strzelecki and Dushan Chaciej. Led by experienced game developers with a strong passion for mechanics-heavy games, the studio specializes in premium PC games. The studio’s core principle is to build games that the team members themselves want to play, as showcased by the release of Glorious Companions in 2019 on Steam Early Access. Their new main title, The Tenants, was developed in partnership with Frozen District.

About Frozen District

Frozen District is an independent game development studio filled with gaming enthusiasts who are led by the need to create gaming titles with passion and respect for gamers. Thanks to the company’s unique atmosphere and non-conventional workflow, they are able to maintain a fresh look at the gaming industry and use this experience in their projects.

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