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Grappling hook drift racer packs friend-based leaderboards
June 16th, 2021 — Eponymouse is excited to announce its time trial racing game Twilight Drive is out now Windows PC on Steam for $9.99 — set faster and faster track times to earn medals and beat your friends!

A top-down driving game where you turbo, drift, and use a grappling hook mechanic to turn corners, Twilight Drive is influenced by fair but challenging games that are fun with tight, responsive controls.


  • 40 different tracks to drive on, with varied settings: grass, desert, sea, underground; day, night, twilight
  • Unique way to take corners by attaching to them
  • Fun driving physics model, including drifting
  • Custom-written game engine with fully dynamic shadows
  • Race against bronze, silver and gold times to earn medals – and beat your friends
  • Support for accessibility: fully voiced menus, slower game speeds, magnification, high-contrast mode, adjustable field-of-view
  • Individual per-track 90s UK electronica soundtrack
  • Dynamic music that adjusts to your race progress

To learn more about Twilight Drive, visit: 

Website: https://www.twilight-drive.com/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eponymouse_com

About Eponymouse
Eponymouse is a one person studio run by Neil Brown. This is his first game, developed as a side project. In his day job Neil works as an academic researcher at a university.

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