The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition demo on Steam on June, 16th 2021

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Toulouse, France, June, 16th 2021 – French indie developer Oneiric Worlds, creator of Slide Animal Race, releases a demo of its new project The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition on Steam during the Steam Next Fest on June, 16th 2021.

The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition is a peaceful & chill find-them-all game with roguelite elements and local coop for little and big kids; Play as a raccoon dad or a rabbit mum and find all the animal babies that went hiding away in the forest. Explore the environments, find hidden treasures and bring everyone home.

The game offers procedural environments to create a new experience on each level. It has many animals and biomes to unlock and it can be played by up to 4 players in a surprising Voronoi split-screen mode. The game is also playable remotely thanks to the “Remote Play Together” Steam functionality, and it’s totally family-friendly thanks to super simple controls. The upcoming demo will showcase 1 animal, 1 biome, and up to 4 players coop.

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The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition is currently developed as a side project of “A Thief’s Melody”, the cartoon 3D adventure/stealth main game currently in development at the studio. Like all games developed at Oneiric Worlds, they share the same contemplative atmosphere, as well as a focus on animals and nature.

Key features

  • A chill hide and seek game
  • A family-friendly game
  • Find all the animal babies
  • Play up to 4 friends in split-screen
  • Procedural environments
  • Cute animals and biomes to unlock

About Oneiric Worlds

Oneiric Worlds is a French video game studio created by Mathias Fontmarty, an indie game developer. Its goal is to create inspiring and feel-good video games.

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