The developers behind House Flipper are announcing their collaboration with Displate!

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Frozen District, the developers of House Flipper and the publishers of The Tenants, just announced their first two collections in collaboration with Displate – you can now get impressive metal posters for yourself or for someone you know!

The creators of House Flipper are constantly trying new things to spoil their community with goods. They’ve already released a bunch of great content updates this year, and now they’re here with their Displate collections. What a year for Frozen District! Check it out here.

You might be asking – what is Displate? They’re not-so-ordinary posters – they’re printed on a metal plate, making them extremely sturdy and polished. They’re also safe for your walls since they’re attached using magnets that come with the package. There are many customization options, and Frozen District already announced they would be releasing new collections every once in a while. For now, you can get one of sixteen posters – each collection, House Flipper and The Tenants, contains eight different designs. They also announced that they will be hosting a giveaway where you can get some of their graphics for FREE! Hop on the hype train and participate in their event HERE.

House Flipper itself is a single-player simulator for players looking for relaxation and peaceful gameplay. It revolves around renovating and furnishing a whole lot of houses. Demolish the walls, install furniture and fittings, and decorate the space to customize it to your needs. Create the house of your dreams! Or just make sure it looks good enough and sell it to make a profit – the choice is yours!

As for The Tenants – become a landlord and deal with problematic tenants as you progress through the stages of your property rental career. Renovate, rent, and take care of any possible issues. That’s just a brief description of The Tenants, but there is so much more to experience. The game offers many features involving renovation, investment, and real-estate management.

Frozen District plans to keep their players updated about future events and Displate collections. They also just announced Honeycomb – if you’re interested, your best bet is to add Honeycomb to your wishlist on Steam and follow House Flipper on Facebook and Twitter.

About Frozen District

Frozen District is an independent game development studio filled with gaming enthusiasts who are led by the need to create gaming titles with passion and respect for gamers. Thanks to the company’s unique atmosphere and non-conventional workflow, they can maintain a fresh look at the gaming industry and use this gathered experience in their projects.

About Displate

Displate is a leading managed marketplace specializing in creating one-of-a-kind metal posters. As well, it’s a global community of over 40 thousands independent artists from all over the world. Turning their unique designs into high quality prints on metal, Displate’s already sold almost 4 million posters decorating 1.45 milion households around the globe. 

Following clients’ interests we’ve introduced the licensed artworks from the fans’ favourite brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel, NASA and many more.

By planting 1 tree for every purchased poster, Displate wants to have a positive impact on the environment and has already planted 14,323,280 trees, and counting.

Find out more at Displate – Collect Your Passions and follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or Linkedin.

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