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Star Renegades Content Update – Guardian of the Metaverse

A new character, the Guardian, is now live for the turn-based, strategy rogue-lite, Star Renegades. This new character is part of the free Guardian of the Metaverse update. The Guardian is a new tank class with the ability to bend reality. In addition to the new character, a new building is also being introduced: The Metaverse Relationship Tracker. This building allows players to survey all their heroes’ unlocked relationships across realities and lets them replay key bonding moments. The update is available on Steam, GoG, and Epic. This is part of the recently announced content roadmap.

Atomicrops Gets Cats, Cats, and More Cats

The bullet hell farming simulator is getting yet another free update which is coming out VERY soon…maybe even right now! It IS however, currently available on Steam in Public Test. The yet to be named update focuses on new base upgrades which are achieved through the collection of various powerful cat statues, cat plushies, AND cats for your homestead. That’s right, collect cool cats and get cool upgrades to add even more variety to each playthrough. Aside from looking adorable, these cat statues will add in new endgame challenges by providing power buffs at a cost…In addition to a bunch of cats, more elite enemies will begin to appear after year 3 and there will be a new way for players to challenge themselves by boosting their score and earning more rewards after defeating the final boss.

Per Aspera Introduces Modding

While Mars still has some secrets to unveil in the future…for now, coming soon, a modding update will be live on Steam in Public Test which includes Steam Workshop support. This is something the community has been requesting for a long time and the Tlön Industries team is happy to get it up and running. With this modding update, players should be able to add their own buildings, technologies, quests, and more.

Townscaper Release Month Confirmed

For those that didn’t witness the news during the E3 GameSpot Play For All Showcase, Townscaper got an official release window. Expect this calming little town builder to hit PC and Nintendo Switch by August of this year with a port Mobile coming a little later on.

Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and Raw Fury is jumping all in. Most of the Raw Fury catalogue is being featured in the sale, including Star Renegades, Call of the Sea, Kingdom Two Crowns, Per Aspera, and SO many more! With a plethora of titles, many of which having received recent free content updates, the best place to spend this summer may be in front of your computer.

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