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Palia: Welcome Home Revealed for PC as a Community Focused MMO

There are a number of MMOs that tend to play the same way, especially in recent years, and it looks like a new developer is looking to try something a bit different. Singularity 6, a team made up of veterans from Riot Games and Blizzard, has announced that they are working on a new community-based MMO called Palia: Welcome Home. Players can choose to play solo but playing with friends allows for more interactions with things such as cooking, farming, and even house decoration.

While there will be combat, players can instead focus on exploration, building a home, farming, and making friends as they take on the role of humans who once vanished thousands of years ago only to now re-emerge into a new world filled with fantastical creatures and beings that players can befriend and even romance over time. For now Palia is currently preparing to enter a pre-alpha testing stage, where interested players can sign up for here, and will be available on PC sometime in the future.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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