New My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero update adds new characters, modes and events

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Play as Endeavor and Shota Aizawa

Tokyo, Japan – June 23rd, 2021 –My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is celebrating its first month of launch with a series of in-game events, new characters, and a fresh mode. The hit-anime based game first arrived on the scene back on May 19th in Europe. Since then, it’s been downloaded over 1.8 million times for both Google Play and the iOS store.

The two newly added characters introduced are Endeavour & Shota Aizawa. Both of them are S rarity heroes, harnessing great power. Endeavour can be acquired using tickets earned by competing in the game’s special access event, while Shota Aizawa is available at the beginning of July. During this event, the exclusive hero’s active card drop rate will significantly increase and their passive card will be easily available as well.

More exciting content will be added over time. In the coming weeks we’ll see a new roguelike gameplay mode for PvE play. Also, a featured Group Battle mode will be introduced with Boss Raid, allowing teams of players to tackle a series of bosses to reap greater rewards. German and French language options are also on the way. 

For more on the differences between S, P or T heroes, here are some quick tips:

With an S hero, pulling off an extreme dodge will initiate a time slowdown effect; if the player is using a P hero, an extreme dodge will put a dizzy effect on certain enemies; while a T class hero will automatically heal themselves with a certain percentage of their HP level upon performing an extreme dodge. 

In Mock Contest, there are special mechanics that can strengthen or weaken a Hero’s attributes if they fight against another class of Hero. For example, when an S Hero encounters a T Hero, they get a damage boost buff. Buffs are likewise granted if a T Hero faces off against a P Hero, or a P Hero fights an S Hero. Think of it like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

To max out one hero, players have to remember the three most important things to focus on are their GearSupport Card, and Chip. Watch the video here:

Google Play:

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