MegaDev Reports Impressive Growth, Six Months After Series A Funding

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Remarkable Increase in Subscribers, Staff, and an Integrated Office Environment in the Works

MUNICH, Germany (JUNE 24, 2021) — Megadev GmbH, the developers behind the innovative single-player gameplay customization platform PLITCH, today reported notable results and ongoing expansion plans, roughly six months after its Series A funding round. Since January, PLITCH’s user growth has increased by more than two-thirds, marking exceptional progress that promises to ramp up as the year continues. 

Impressive Game Support
An average of 40 new titles added every month in 2021, in addition to 800+ patches to existing games. New games supported this year include Resident Evil: Village, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Valheim, all of which launched on PLITCH the same day they were released. 

Additions to the Team
Users and supported games aren’t the only aspects of PLITCH that are on the rise, as the headcount at MegaDev has increased by 64% since January. This hiring momentum is set to continue, as MegaDev aims to hire at least half a dozen more employees by the time core gaming season kicks off in September.

A Newly Designed Office
The new hires and veteran employees alike will have the benefit of a newly redesigned work environment, spearheaded by renowned architect and artist Konstantin Landuris. The MegaDev office is being transformed into a loft-style open office that overlooks the city of Munich in two directions, and features a redesigned Tatooine-inspired conference room (yes, we are talking about THAT Tatooine). Employees will have larger offices that can be ventilated easier and will feature ergonomic tables that can be transformed into standing desks.

“PLITCH is all about creating a custom gaming experience that fits a player’s needs, and allows them to get more enjoyment out of gaming, so we decided that our staff’s working environment should be a reflection of this,” said Robert Maroschik, Managing Director and co-founder of MegaDev. “By adding larger offices, more ventilated areas, adjustable workstations, and a conference room you actually want to be in, we are creating a better space that fits our employees needs.”

Future Plans
The first half of 2021 is only the beginning. MegaDev has several exciting features and initiatives to announce in the latter half of the year, including the expansion of language options for PLITCH.

To stay updated on the latest announcements, follow PLITCH on Twitter and Instagram, like them on Facebook, and join the official PLITCH Discord.  

About MegaDev

Founded in 2015, Munich-based MegaDev offers an all-in-one game wizard that enables players to customize single-player PC games by making them easier or more difficult. The PLITCH PC software already covers thousands of titles with tens of thousands of customization options.

MegaDev has already been selected twice for the prestigious German Accelerator: In 2018, MegaDev took part in the German Accelerator’s Silicon Valley program, in which the company focused on strategies for entering the US market; participation in the Southeast Asia program was added in 2020.

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PLITCH allows gamers to easily tailor an ever-increasing list of 2,500-plus PC games to perfectly suit their preferences and optimize their single-player game experience. Whether it’s to train for overall game prowess by increasing game challenges or making less fun aspects easier to get past, PLITCH members retain complete control over their single-player experiences.

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