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Hold Onto Your Wallets, Steam Summer Sale is Starting Today

Another year, another Steam Summer Sale. We get to recklessly spend our hard-earned money to buy the games that we might play at some point in the future. Emphasis on might. Valve’s yearly event has evolved a bit in the last few years so you have quite a few activities besides clicking on that purchase button. Not much is known at this point, but after some data mining, the folks over at steamdb have discovered that there are new community-themed profiles this time, such as Candy, Cherry, Steam Green, Sea Foam, Autumn, Blue Screen, and Summer 2021. More info in the tweet below:

If you’re curious how all of that looks like in action, sadly you’ll have to be patient just for a few more hours. Mysterious cards are already dropping for everyone if you decide to craft any badge right now and it’s safe to assume that we will get a sale-specific badge for our profiles this time as well. Expect plenty of PC discounts and difficulties to properly open the page in the first hour or two of the sale.

Admir Brkic
Admir Brkic
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