Glyph demo out on Steam NEXT Fest

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Bolverk Games present the coming PC version of Glyph with a unique demo released on the festival’s opening day.

The Bolverk Games crew is looking forward to a busy week of streaming, chatting, competing, and listening to great music with guests, when the Steam NEXT festival opens up tomorrow.

Of course, the week’s main feature is the freshly adjusted PC demo – complete with full controller+keyboard support and 3 unique levels that should take the average player about 45 minutes to complete. The demo will only be available during the festival, going on a World Tour with GWB Tencent after NEXT.

Check out our NEXT Fest video here:

Curious gamers dropping by Glyph’s corner of the festival will find lots of entertaining streams by developers and other Bolverk crew playing the full game and the demo.

Come Friday, Bolverk Games will be inviting everyone to listen to the OST of Glyph, presented with original artwork from the game and perhaps a few comments from the composer. 

Demo-hunters will also be able to participate in competitions, AMAs and chat with whoever is online at the moment.

About Glyph
Glyph’s gripping and addictive gameplay combines breathtaking aerial maneuvers with tranquil exploration in a 3D platforming experience that has no peers. 

The end goal is to restore the ancient Temple City, overcome by the desert, which also functions as the game´s non-linear hub world.

  • 80+ levels in Exploration mode mean you’ll have to put serious effort into the game before you’ve seen it all.
  • 30 blazing hot levels put your skills to the test in Time Trial mode.
  • 100+ secrets and upgrades are all part of the game from the beginning. With Glyph, you won’t have to pay for extra skins or cool unlocks.
  • A wicked mean final boss…

Glyph appeals to both chill-out players and speedrunners as the open-world allows creative ways to move through the many levels available with the release.

About us
Bolverk Games is a self-supporting indie studio based in Denmark and focused on VR games and software, but over the past two years, we have been working on a 3D platform game for the Nintendo Switch console, Glyph. We make the games we want to play ourselves – beautiful, challenging, and immersive. Bolverk was among the first to realize how VR gaming could be more than a novelty, and we are still at the forefront of a growing market, always exploring VR’s potential.

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