Get ready for fast gameplay, crazy ragdoll physics, and a challenging rogue-like approach to strategy in Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator, launching today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 16th, Warsaw, Poland.

Fight your way through Roman legions. Deploy your troops, plan their movements, use magic and items to give yourself an edge, and win. Sounds simple, right? Be sure, though, that those Roman soldiers won’t give up that easily. So, you’d better bring your A-game to the battlefield!

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is now available on the Microsoft Store ( on Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X|S.


Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is a rogue-like tactical strategy game mixing crazy ragdoll physics with dynamic gameplay that offers a challenging approach to the genre. Graphically inspired by the iconic Asterix comic book series, the game will allow you to become a commander of battle-hardened Gauls. Though their hygiene is questionable, to say the least, their ferocity on the battlefield is what makes their enemies tremble with fear. Crush Roman units one by one using weapons, traps, catapults, and even magic spells. Unlock the power of mighty generals and gain a massive boost to your army’s influence. Remember, however, that the power of the Roman troops lies in their numbers. They might be weak and soft compared to your barbarians, but they are many, and they know how to use their swords.


  • Experience a unique mix of a strategy game with rogue-like elements.
  • Fight bloody battles presented in a graphic style inspired by the Asterix comic book series.
  • Use magic spells, traps, catapults, various weapons, and generals’ special skills to save the Gauls from the Romans.
  • See how the Roman troops fall apart just like in cartoons, thanks to the ragdoll physics.
  • Find out if the game’s challenging difficulty level will meet your strategy skills.

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is now available on the Microsoft Store.

The game was developed by Gamesmith and is published by Gaming Factory.

About Gamesmith

Gamesmith is a single-person, independent studio from Poland that has worked on Bouncy Bob 2 (PC, Switch) and Redneck Skeet Shooting, among other titles. The studio’s creator also worked on such games as Bouncy Bob (PC, Switch) and Catch a Duck (PC, Switch).

About Gaming Factory

Gaming Factory is a producer and publisher of PC and console games. Among the company’s main objectives are producing and publishing its own titles for consoles and PC and supporting independent development teams.

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