Aerodynamic Adventure Boomerang X Whirls Onto Nintendo Switch & PC on July 8th

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Slice, fly, and dive through flocks of evil creatures in this acrobatic arena boomeranger

Dizzying developer DANG! and airfoil enthusiasts Devolver Digital today announce Boomerang X, an action-packed FPB (First Person Boomeranger) will launch and subsequently return on to Nintendo Switch and PC on July 8th. To celebrate, the dynamic duo has revealed a brand new gameplay trailer!

Catapult yourself through the air, use the power drawn from fallen creatures to slow time, and cut through the swarms of dark beings with your razor-edge boomerang. Travel through once bustling locales, sacrificed to hide a myth, and descend the Godpath into the lost realms below. Cleanse these halls and ensure that whatever lies beneath doesn’t come back.

“This is one boomerang you nerds can’t return,” commented Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

For more revolutionary revelations, rotate on over to and follow @devolverdigital and @videodang on Twitter. Download the playable Boomerang X demo on Steam this very second to unlock instant rewards including extreme happiness and endless joy. 

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