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Critically-Acclaimed Super Mega Baseball 3 Launches New Mode Today

Super Mega Baseball 3 Gets Two New Modes
 Play Cross-Platform With Friends in the Newest Mode

Super Mega Baseball 3 Gets Online Leagues Game Mode Next Week

Latest Mode Features a New Way to Play Cross-Platform with Friends

Victoria, British Columbia – September 23, 2020 – Metalhead Software will launch the latest update to its critically acclaimed video game, Super Mega Baseball 3 (SMB3), on September 29, 2020. Update 4 includes a brand-new game mode called Online Leagues, formerly announced as Custom Pennant Race, featuring versatile cross-platform custom leagues.

Check out the Super Mega Baseball 3 –Online Leagues & Watch Mode reveal video here:

“We’re excited to give our users a really interesting way to recruit friends into the game,” says Metalhead Software co-founder Scott Drader. “Between the cross-platform invite codes and the fact new users can get started in Online Leagues with just the trial or demo version of the game, we’re stoked for the potential this mode has to massively grow the SMB community.”

Online Leagues will allow users to set up custom leagues and invite friends from other platforms. Leagues can be setup and played casually via matchmaking within the league, or alternatively, competitive users can play according to their own externally coordinated schedule via a match-against-specific user feature.

The SMB3 demo/trial will allow users to join a league created by their friend provided the league is configured with default settings. Leagues with non-default settings will require all users to have the full version of the game. Unlike Pennant Race mode, Online Leagues with default settings will allow usage of all Standard teams, full visual customization, and user-controlled Ego settings.
Update 4 also features a fully revamped Watch Mode, offering users a new way to experience AI versus AI games with all-new user controllable cameras. The new cameras will allow the on-field action to be taken in from dynamic angles and viewpoints for an immersive visual experience.
Features in Online Leagues:
Online Leagues is a cross-platform mode where you and your friends can battle it out in your own leagues! With a wide range of customizable features, Online Leagues gives users a brand-new way to enjoy competitive or casual online play:

  • Use invite codes to set up private leagues to play cross-platform with friends.
  • Play in short-term or long-term seasons, with statistics tracked throughout the season.
  • Customize settings and rules, such as Ego (difficulty) level and game length.
  • Play with SMB3 standard teams or fully customized user teams.
  • Create large leagues – up to 32 players.
  • Queue for games against any opponent in the league, or queue against a specific user.

For more information, including access to the Super Mega Baseball 3 press kit, please visit the game’s website, or the Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Metalhead Software
Metalhead Software is an independent Canadian game developer in Victoria, British Columbia. The studio has focused on its Super Mega Baseball series since inception, now 10 years in the making.

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