Ogre Tale Revealed by Degica Games and Mages.

Releasing on PC on August 20th with console versions to follow.

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Degica Games has announced that they have teamed up with Mages. to release a new arcade style brawler on PC worldwide on August 20th called Ogre Tale with eventual plans to bring it to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. Ogre Tale will feature three playable sisters who each have a unique style to defeat their foes and the game will offer multiplayer options, though the story mode will be limited to single player.

The story for Ogre Tale is set hundreds of years after the legend Momotaro managed to subdue the Onigashima threat that plagued humanity, leading to the ogres ruin. However the leader of the ogres, Iroha, managed to cast a reincarnation spell on herself before perishing, allowing herself to be reborn and, after many years, finds the last surviving ogres in the three sisters. The group searches for revenge on Momotaro’s descendents only to find that he has reached his breaking point and turned evil. If this sounds a bit nuts, check out the trailer below for a small sample of what to expect.

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