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The Survivalists Announced by Team17

Following the popularity of the company’s The Escapists series Team17 has announced that they have another new game on the way that is a little different, called The Survivalists. The Survivalists is described as a strategy “survival-lite” sandbox game that combines crafting, building, and even monkey training that will see players battle against the forces of nature across procedurally-generated islands filled with different and perilous biomes, and uncover the riches, and puzzles, in temples filled with loot.

Featuring islands teeming with life and adversaries, The Survivalists takes place in a rich world that never stands still, with a day/night cycle, a broad range of animals including boars, big cats, and sharks, as well as deadly fanatics highly skilled in combat. To help with survival, the game includes a mimic system that allows players to train the local monkey population to gather resources, build structures, or even fight off threats, while a deep and comprehensive crafting system offers tantalizing objects and weapons to unlock and develop.

In addition to surviving solo, The Survivalists dares players to work together in collaborative and session-based, online co-operative multiplayer.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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