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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Resident Evil 2 Collaboration Begins November 7

About a month ago Capcom announced that they would be holding a special Resident Evil 2 collaboration with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and it has just so happened to have launched with the latest update today November 7th. As part of this special collaboration, hunters can acquire materials upon completing the event quest (MR20 or above) to craft Leon α+ and Claire α+ layered armor sets plus three Raccoon City themed pendants to spruce up their favorite weapons.

Additional rewards for completing the event quest include two new gestures, allowing hunters to shuffle like zombies or even zombie bite a nearby monster to deal damage. Raccoon City also takes over Your Room, with a variety of themed decorations available for hunters to deck out their pads in survival horror style, including the iconic typewriter and item box (which of course includes the ability to save game progress and store your items respectively).

The Raccoon City collaboration will also be including the iconic Tyrant. “The Handler’s Terrifying Tyrant” paid DLC costume transforms the young woman into a trenchcoat-wearing, quest journal-wielding brute to join hunters on quests, prepare meals at camp, and even appear in cut-scenes. The company also announced that the winning Palico gear and weapon designs will be craftable through a pair of quests that were also added in today’s patch.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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