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Minecraft: Story Mode to be Delisted on June 25

Last month we learned that multiple Telltale Games series would be removed from GoG and now it looks like Minecraft: Story Mode is about to be removed entirely from any platforms it is still available on. The official Minecraft website has announced that both Minecraft: Story Mode Season One and Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two will be discontinued on June 25th as a result of Telltale Games’ closure. In a bit of a unique twist however, the company is informing everyone that should they want to ever play these episodes in the future if they have purchased them, that they should download all episodes now as they will apparently not be available for download past this date.

This marks a rather unique form of removal as usually games can still be downloaded even after being removed from the store so if you happen to own these episodes digitally or previously purchased a physical edition that required some episodes to be downloaded, do so now before the 25th or potentially lose them forever.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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